Welcome to the Corporate Section

Our company has been in the business of expanding businesses with video and Photo
technology for over six years. When Amorphium helps you tell
your story, people notice, people remember, and people respond.

We mold images, craft important messages,make powerful presentations, motivate
employees and market products.

We understand that what we do has a critical impact on our client's success.

We have an arsenal of digital tools and the creative talent to put them to work for you.

Documentaries, Drama, Factual, Light

We offer very cost-effective production services for documentary, drama entertainment, quiz show and drama production. Corporate clients are showing increasing interest in increasing the rich media content of their websites by adding demonstrations, behind-the-scenes documentaries, customer and staff profiles, video testimonials, customer service programmes, training and more

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Conferences, events, shows, results, press releases, CEO announcements
We produce edited interviews and event highlights from all types of corporate, business, trade and Government events. Coverage can be live or edited and uploaded immediately after the event and we can supply excellent presenters if required. Presenter-led documentary and report formats work well to make these kind of events appealing and to hold the audiences' attention.

Format Output

All productions are shot once but can be used many times and for many different distribution models. They ares available in any format, for example:

Broadband web cast
Video CD, sVCD
MPEG1, 2 or 4
Real Media, QuickTime & Java
Broadcast, VHS and DV tape

CD-ROM, DVD, VHS Duplication

If you need 20 or 20,000 copies, contact us. This means you get extremely competitive rates no matter how many copies you require. In fact our rates are so competitive that it is now possible for small circulation magazines to use video on CD - resulting in massive increases in circulation.

VHS transfer to DVD, CD and Internet

If you want to preserve old tapes or if you have new uses for them, contact us for prices for conversion to CD, DVD and web streaming video. We also convert PowerPoint shows to DVD which are ideal for demos and displays.

Live PowerPoint web casts

You can web cast PowerPoint either live or near-live for conferences, educational events and corporate presentations. Versions suitable for projection are now possible even over an ISDN connection.

Video PowerPoint web casts & CDs

We webcast live video alongside text, graphics, slides and live links that change automatically on cue in the viewer's browsers. We also make archive or alternative versions for CD, DVD and the web (broadband, midband and dial-up) - all of which can be edited and indexed so that your viewers see the best presentation possible.

Business presentations: DVD, CD & web

We create presentations from your outline and also help you to sharpen and focus existing presentations. Our copywriters, graphics and animation team can create elegant and compelling sequences which will ensure your message makes an impression. For unattended DVD presentations our resident script doctor ensures you grab and hold attention whenever the audience comes past in unattended permanent displays.



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